About Our Professional Company

With over 20 years in the industry, Bonilla Landscaping & Hardscaping has been providing landscaping services to residential and commercial properties in Annapolis, Maryland, with flawless precision and dedication.

We offer a large variety of plants and services; we have honed our skills and developed an extensive understanding of tree and lawn care practices over the years, from modern pruning techniques to specialized machinery, we leverage technology to deliver exceptional results. 

Contact us! We always find the appropriate assortment of plants, and fixtures and set a unique maintenance plan to create the garden you’ve always envisioned.



Why Choose Our Company?

Get a fair, precise, and FREE estimate!

Thanks to our experience, we can provide the most accurate estimates as we are aware of the typical unforeseen circumstances that may arise during a project, and we’ve got you covered.

20+ years of experience 

We can provide you with the options you need to help you achieve your dream landscape, making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.

Fully licensed and insured

We have what it takes to provide you with the service you deserve, including a backup that benefits your wallet. 

Reliable Service 

We are committed to a strong work ethic and to keeping up with the latest innovations in our industry with the environment in mind.